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Let’s face it: Raw HMDA data in and of itself isn’t all that exciting. BUT, when you start to compare your HMDA data with other lenders, patterns start to emerge.

LendingPatterns™ is the only online                                       HMDA data mining tool available on the market.

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Your work is not finished when you submit your data using HMDA RELIEF or CRA RELIEF. The next step is to analyze and document the data to prepare for your next exam. You need to know your data better than the regulators, federal and state enforcement agencies, and community groups to identify problems before they find fair lending issues with your institution. Be prepared to have a meaningful discussion with your examiner. Use LendingPatterns to defend your HMDA results and validate your CRA story before your next compliance exam. Regulators care about self examination. Use LendingPatterns as a first step to uncover and document any disparities within your HMDA or CRA data.

What is the importance of reviewing your HMDA data?

During an exam, your regulator may see something different in your HMDA data than you see. The right reports, maps, and charts can uncover key lending patterns and outliers within your HMDA data, patterns that can help document your story during an examination. LendingPatterns provides over eighty uniquely designed reports enabling you to understand the distinguishing characteristics of lender, borrower, market, and neighborhood data. Use LendingPatterns data provide statistical and quantitative data analysis, manage regulatory risk and discover insights for proactive and responsible lending.

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Who Should Subscribe to LendingPatterns?

Any person who needs to understand the characteristics of national and local lending markets and borrower
profiles, including:

  • Compliance Officers
  • Fair Lending and CRA Officers
  • Quality Control Departments
  • Underwriting Departments
  • Marketing Departments
  • Loan Production Management
  • Credit Policy Departments
  • General Counsel and Legal Departments


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What does LendingPatterns offer?

Built by mortgage industry data mining experts, LendingPatterns has built-in mortgage lending intelligence to address
practical lending issues. LendingPatterns is:

Can create sophisticated reports in 2 minutes or less

An easy web-based interface with point & click filtering

Can be used with limited training

Can create beautiful maps and charts that document and tell your story

Used by major lenders, and federal enforcement agencies

Cost effective
The best value for any CRA or HMDA analysis tool on the market

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